Autism History Autism in Children

Autism History: Autism in Children

Early childhood is the stage when children develop skills in communication, art and sociability. Autism is a disorder that affects more and more people. Symptoms of autism in children can range from mild to severe. If you have any complaints or delays in the area, you should contact a doctor immediately.

Above all, remember that autism can be cured if treated as early as possible. Early diagnosis and treatment can have a significant impact on your child’s future in the fight against autism. Signs and symptoms of autism in children include:

12 month’s

During this time, children should still start playing, but children with mental illness do not interact with other children. He likes to be alone and frustrated when he touches or upsets. Therefore, “having your own world” is the best definition of childhood autism. Signs a 1-year-old loves a mom or dad, especially while breastfeeding.

Wounded children do not relate to those who “can”. Little care, which causes a lot of stress for parents. Even children can recognize the pictures when they write. Children with autism do not report or respond to these behaviors.

Their eyes are small. The right words are late. A word to describe the year may not be clear to a child with a mental illness.

14 month’s

In the meantime, children look forward to chatting and having fun with their friends. However, children with autism can be different. The recognition of famous names that people encounter when renovating is still there.

This does not happen to sick children. Simple instructions do not follow. Your child will not be able to use simple words even after completing simple sentences. Two-year-olds can walk, start running, climb stairs and help, and even play football on their own.

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For autism, this behavior is surprising. Sick children can have many disabilities when they walk. There is a struggle of flesh and glory.

36 month’s

Children with autism also have social problems. Signs of environmental dissatisfaction due to mental illness in children occur more often than in affected children.

They don’t understand the meaning of “I” and “it”. Instead, it is only in the spirit of “I”. In the meantime, if you want to play as a team, you can play alone. Play can mean endless in children’s play.

It seems to need regular maintenance or temporary replacement. Society does not give love. They are far from the environment. In communication, they only think of one or three words of this generation. You will learn many difficult words. There seems to be no answer when I call your name. If you suspect your child has autism, seek help immediately.

Early intervention services can improve your child’s development and behavior. Autism has many functions. For more information on causes, symptoms, and treatment, see Childhood Autism: Symptoms. There are also reviews of 3 mental health books online.


Autism Phrases: Autism: Is there a vaccine?

Autism is a disorder that affects more and more people. Symptoms of autism include impaired communication, repetitive behaviors and poor speech habits. Due to a variety of symptoms, some patients with mental illness may live on their own, while others are fully cared for by a caregiver.

Although it has been suggested that mental illness may be caused by vaccination, research data has not shown a link between the two. Research has been done to find the link between mental illness and vaccination, and more research is needed to find the cause of these traumatic events.

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However, none of the data collected in modern research supports this theory. The National Pediatric Encephalopathy Study was conducted in 1997. This study focuses on the link between neurological and measles vaccines. Scientists know that the measles vaccine does not damage the brain or cause it to malfunction, but that doesn’t mean anything.

More research is still underway over the next nine years to find the link between vaccines and psychiatry. Again, none of these were found in the relationship between the two. A study, conducted by Wakefield and colleagues in 1998, showed that the MMR vaccine causes abnormal stool and development in infants within weeks of exposure.

However, the study only included 12 children, did not use healthy children as a group, and had problems with more than 4 out of 12 children having behavioral problems before symptoms. more chapters. Due to the fact that the study contains many errors, many scientists abandoned their assumptions about the results, and no results were used to prove it.

What does it mean? In general, research papers should provide answers to the need for evidence. The two studies found no correlation. Much research is being done to support the hypothesis that mental illness is associated with genetic abnormalities.

Recent studies of more than 30,000 Japanese children born in Yokohama between 1988 and 1996 have established clear evidence for the non-involvement of MMR and psychiatry. In fact, this study shows that the number of children diagnosed with autism continues to rise even after the MMR vaccine returns with the vaccine.

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This means parents don’t have to worry about their at-risk children when they get MMR.
In fact, after years of research, no research can prove a link between triple prevention, MMR and autism. However, research into the causes of mental illness can continue in the hope that not only will it cause mental illness but it will also be identified through treatment.